OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

Product Code / Name – OSB

Species – Pine

Grade – Non Exterior – OSB/1

Finish / Profile – Unfinished

Sizes Available

11mm (8ft x 4ft)

18mm (8ft x 4ft)

18mm (8ft x 2ft) – T&G

Product Description

Please note wood is a natural product and as such any images found on this website do not represent the final product as a whole, and are used generally to give an overall example of the products appearance.

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is a wood pulp that has rectangular shaped wood strands layered in a specific orientation, these are combined together with a wax and resin mix adhesive to create a strong structurally sound bond. OSB can also be used for structural work, involving most types of roofs ceilings, walls and sub-floors.

Manufactured from strands of wood layered in specific orientations and directions. Layering strands unevenly before compressing with bonding adhesives. Most commonly used as a covering in floors, ceilings and walls. Available in a number of thicknesses it is strong and cost effective for the area it covers.