Visit to Lalegno

3 lucky members of the Lionvest team took a quick excursion to Belgium this week to discuss in person with Lalegno what the future holds for them and possibly for us.

It was an early start, but the 5am road call didn’t stop Damian, Mason or Adam from making the journey to beautiful Belgium via the Euro Star. When they arrived at the Lalegno offices, after 4 and bit hours, it would seem they had brought the British weather with them.

But after a refreshing cup of Coffee (Tea would have been preferable, but was not an option) they got down to business. They discussed at length the new products and potential new ranges, covering everything from LVT and RVF to acoustic wall panels and mega boards. Lalegno’s range is massive as is the warehouse that holds it all. So, after many hours of looking at samples and technical spec on all sorts of materials they have picked out some great looking new options, so keep a look out for more new product coming soon.


Published on the 30th March 2023

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