Commercially Rated

What does commercially rated really mean?

I guess we should start at the beginning. All non-wood flooring products such as laminates and vinyl are rated based on their durability. These are broken down into 3 sections residential, commercial, or industrial. Within each section we rate how good the floor is at standing up to that environment, the result of which is normally given as a simple two figure number, 21 for example, or a term like residential light.

Our vinyl floors are designed with durability and safety in mind and as such we have achieved a rating of 33: Commercial Heavy. This sounds impressive, and it is, but what does it really mean to the end user. In practical terms it means our vinyl floors are perfect for high-traffic and high-impact areas such as hallways, restaurants and retail stores, heavy commercial flooring is built to last under continuous use.

Commercial flooring is more resilient to the wear and tear of foot traffic, especially from more demanding footwear such as high heels or work boots. Also, thanks to its anti-scratch lacquered finish it is less likely to scuff or buckle under heavy furniture like tables, display cabinets or wardrobes and other pieces that may be moved around or are rearranged regularly.
One major advantage to heavy commercial flooring is that it does not have to be changed as often as a cheaper, light commercial/residential floor. Because it is so robust, there won’t be damaged boards that need to be replaced every few years. Plus, it’s easy to maintain, which will save time and money in the long term.

Another benefit to our flooring is the water and slip resistance, making it the perfect choice for a commercial space, come rain or shine. Its high slip resistance means you can rest easy no matter the weather knowing your customers safety is taken care of.

Published on the 19th April 2023

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