Brazilian Softwood Plywood

Product Code / Name – Brazilian Softwood

Species – Pine

Grade – Exterior Glue FSC Mix 70% – CE2 Marked

Finish / Profile – Unfinished

Sizes Available

9mm (8ft x 4ft)

12mm (8ft x 4ft)

18mm (8ft x 4ft)

Product Description

Please note wood is a natural product and as such any images found on this website do not represent the final product as a whole, and are used generally to give an overall example of the products appearance.

Brazilian Softwood plywood originates from Brazil. It has a range of uses from construction to packaging and furniture to site hoarding. FSC certificated panels are also available for permanent use in construction.

Plywood is several panels comprising of at least 3 layers of veneered wood called plies which are bonded together with adhesives. With each ply produced at right angles to the adjacent layer to improve strength and reduce the possibilities of shrinkage along with making it more structurally stable. The outer layers of ply are referred to as face & back are graded based on quality of the face and reverse, the layer in between face & back is more commonly know as the core. Plywood glue is graded for internal & external use.