The Belgium flooring label Lalegno was launched almost ten years ago and has grown into one of the leading premium brands in the world of engineered wood. Of course, Lalegno floors didn’t come about just like that, because for almost 40 years now, Geert Labeeuw has supported the development of its multilayer flooring with solid investments and revolutionary innovations. In 2007, his son Jan Labeeuw joined the company and thus the global success of the brand was speeded up.

Lalegno floors are manufactured with the utmost respect for nature and the environment. After all, that is why we opted for multilayer parquet, with a durable top layer of fine wood and reinforcement layers of fast-growing timber. This allows Lalegno to guarantee  maximum respect for nature. That is also why in 2010 Lalegno signed the FSC charter. But we also think about the environment in your living room. All our floors fully comply with European legislation and the latest CE standards. They score particularly well on the tests concerning VOC emissions.