Additional Information

General Wood Flooring Maintenance

Make sure any loose dirt, dust and grit are cleaned off the hardwood floor by using either a vacuum or brush. Oiled surfaces do not necessarily require any further specialist treatment on a regular basis. Heavy wear areas however may require more maintenance than other lighter traffic areas. When using water to clean the floor try to use as little as possible. Almost dry wipe the floor if necessary. Immediately remove any spilled water or….. Continue Reading

Solid Fitting Guidelines

When fitting to a sub-floor other than battens, (screed, plywood, chipboard, hardboard etc.) The sub-floor base most conform to BS 8204 Part 1 1987, which states that it must not deviate by more than +/-3mm under a 3 metre straight edge in any one direction. Wooden sub-structures must be sound and securely fixed. They must be a minimum of 18mm in depth in order to be supportive and to meet building guidelines. (This applies to Plywood….. Continue Reading

Engineered Fitting Guidelines

Expansion gaps must be left for the floor to move and expand naturally. This must be calculated by the following formula – 1.5mm x the metre width of the flooring = the minimum expansion gap required in mm. For example a 15 metre wide room would need an expansion gap of 22.5mm. It is important to base the calculation on the width rather than the length as wood expands length-ways. As a rule….. Continue Reading

Structural Engineered Fitting Guidelines

Structural engineered flooring, whilst generally compatible with most underfloor heating systems is not guaranteed over one. This is because of the diverse range of systems available on the market and so differing guidelines would need to be issued to cover each system. before fitting a floor over underfloor heating the manufactures guidelines should be sought out and adhered to…… Continue Reading

Wall Panel Fitting Guidelines

Wood is a natural product. Each plank is different and has its own character and features. Natural variations in colour and grading and not only normal but even desirable for the best results. Although all of our panels are thoroughly inspected before, during and after production. So we only deliver the very best of what nature has to offer. It is the responsibility of the installer to check the suitability of all panels prior to adapting or installing them. In the very unlikely event that any defects are found. You should immediately….. Continue Reading

Lionvest Container Service

Lionvest Trading traditionally have always have been primarily volume wood flooring Agents alongside their better known importing & distribution arm. However, our specialist Container Service of between 10 – 24 pallets at a time is an area of the company which we hope may be of interest to you as a large Distributor, Importer or Merchant, as the level of pricing the Container service allows us to offer you, is unsurpassed over a huge range of specifications and species of solid, engineered and Structural engineered wood flooring along with Plywood….. Continue Reading