New 14mm products

It’s been a busy start to the year for the purchasing team, and all their hard work has meant we have 7 new 14mm products to introduce you to.

Let’s take a quick look at what new colours, grades and finishes have come in –



461 & 462 (pictured) AB grade.

These 2 AB grade products are both 14/3 x 190mm. The grading is clear of defects and only allows for some pinhole knots. It is now in stock in an oiled finish (461) & a brushed and matt lacquered finish (462). Prime grade boards have been in short supply and high demand over the last few years, so these 2 boards are a very welcome sight to our range.






484 – Brushed and Invisible lacquered

484 is finished in the very popular brushed and invisible lacquer, giving it a raw natural look. It’s a 14/3 x 150mm random length product, so ticks some price point boxes too.







485 – Brushed and Grey lacquered

This massively successful colour has been in our range as Pinto Gris for a number of years, and following it being discontinued we have sauced an alternative. This 14/3 x 190 x 1900mm brushed and Grey lacquered is everything Pinot Gris was, so we are confident it will pick up where Pinto Gris left off.






486 – Brushed and White lacquered

Like 485, 486 is a replacement product, formally Witmat. Another popular colour that had been discontinued but is now back. This 14/3 x 190 x 1900mm brushed and white lacquered is amongst the most sort after colours at the moment, so get in there quick before it goes.






472 & 473 – Wide boards

Completing our look at the new products now available is 472 (pictured) and 473. These 2 are both 220mm wide, available is brushed and mat lacquered (472) and natural oiled (473) they represent a continuing trend of wider products. Like all of the products on our list we are confident these will both sell well as wider boards are in high demand right.





You’ll find all of the above products listed in the engineered section of our website, so feel free to explore these pages for more details and information. As always please contact us for your free samples.

Published on the 17th April 2023

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